Cancellation Policy




Gill and Win - proprietors of The Kildare are committed to making sure there
guests have a most comfortable and enjoyable stay with them

Telephone,letter ,and email and online availability
Alternative format information available on request
Large print
Website accessibility
Access statement available in different formats /places
Information about public transport and routes
Distance to town center
Nearest shop -mobility scheme and details
Nearest equipment hire services
Availability of accessible taxis
Details of suitability of rooms for guests with mobility impairment/visual hearing
impairment who are accompanied or unaccompanied with paricular emphasis on the
safety of all our guests.

The Kildare operates a complete non smoking policy in the guest house with the
exception of the patio area.

The Kildare is situated in a quiet street within walking distance to the town and seafront,we
are also a short walk from the train and bus station.

We have parking for 5 cars 3 along the front and 2 down the side of the property we are
afraid we are not in a position to reserve one for incoming guests
We are happy to assist any guest with luggage from there car to entrance.
The premises are on 3 floors with TV lounge and dining room being on the ground floor
we also have a ground floor suite.

Approaching the Kildare there are 2 lights either side of the front porch with canopy over
and another light underneath which lights all the porch area and helps guests locate the
the door bell and key hole there is no alternative entrance to the property there is a 3”inch
step over the door.

The front door is self locking,into the hall where upon we have a moveable desk15 in by
62in where we insist all guests sign in,to the left of the desk there is short pile carpet we
have a 24 hour bell located to the left for guests to summon us,the ground floor suite is
also situated in the hall there is also a honesty fridge which is filled daily with price list
and money basket for guests you are quite welcome to take drinks to your room or T.V
lounge or patio. We must insist you pay for your drinks
as you have them.

The mains fire alarm panel is situated on the wall with room tariff above there is
emergency light.

Just off the hall we have our television lounge with door width 32in again short pile carpet
a 3 seater leather settee 2 leather armchairs and 2 recliner chairs as well as 3 small
round tables and through the french doors measuring 45ins is the dining room
Music is only played in the dining room at breakfast time and can
be turned down on request again short pile carpet which there are 10 tables and 22
chairs your own table for each room there is a private door that leads through to the

The patio is at the bottom of the dining room through french doors measuring 65ins down
a small ramp ,there are a number of tables and chairs with umbrellas this is well lit for
guests when it goes dusk there is also a patio heater.

Back to the hall emergency light table lamp and ceiling light
The top of the stairs has 3 steps to climb, each step measures 8ins where rooms 1,2,4.6,and 7 are situated there is a bannister rail from
the hall to the first floor landing all full en-suite except room1 which has en-suite toilet and
private shower room situated on the same floor flat pile carpet on the landing with
cushion flooring in shower room and en-suites.

All bedrooms have table lamps either side of a double bed on bed side cabinets or small
shelf single beds have a table lamp on one side of the bed we also put signs for people
with mobility problems to put on the outside of there door at night in case of fire to inform
anyone that these people may need help in evacuating.

Evacuation procedures are provided at the back of the door in all rooms
There is emergency lights on all landings as well as smoke alarms and break glass to
warn of fire there are fire extinguishers in the hall and on both landings we also have
smoke alarms in all bedrooms .lounge and dining room this floor has the first of the 2 fire
escapes with signs pointing the way, the second floor accessed via the second staircase with 14 steps and bannister from the bottom each step measures 8ins where rooms 8,9,10, and 12 are all en-suite except room 8 which again has a private shower room situated on this floor.

All have flat pile carpets and cushion flooring in en-suites Fire escape is just outside room 12 .
We supply fresh white towels for each guest as well as hairdryer ,alarm clock,toiletries
and tea and coffee courtesy tray small secure safes.All our rooms have televisions and
just installed Wi.Fi iron and board are available on both landings. There is a folder in every room with
information about rules, doctors, dentists and chemists phone numbers
Emergency procedures are explained on the back of each bedroom door for evacuation in
case of fire in this case people with impaired hearing will be instructed face to face .of
any problems.

Details of all times are given to all guests on arrival with breakfast forms for guests to fill
in and placed on there table for the duration of there stay
Breakfast in the dining room at 9am details are given to guests about service and table
number cereals are self service although our less mobile guests can be helped to get there breakfast
table in the morning. We do however request our guests to inform us as soon as they arrive or at the time of booking of any
allergies or dietary requirements this enables us to make any changes to your room and
your menu.

We do not have restricted guests are issued with a main door key all we ask is
that guests show consideration for others during there stay with us both in the communal
areas and within there own rooms and especially coming in late at night to keep the noise
down to a minimum
You are welcome to store any medication or special dietry foods in our fridge providing the
box is secure and clearly marked.

PE25 3JS

TELEPHONE 01754 762935